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    • Easy to get loan to suck you in 2
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    • It was good up to when i ask them for a auto loan 1
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    • Poor customer service 7
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Worst ppl ever they STALK u line literally call u 500 times a dayn the alternate ppl that call. The call everyone n there mom ur job a d all for being a week late with payment. They suck they should b closed down!!! 0 stars from me

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nitial loan was not as described. $1500 loan turned into $2500 loan which includes "insurance" coverage. I initially applied for a $1500 loan to pay for some car repairs. I was told during the loan signing process that there was an "optional" insurance that would cover me for any job loss, incapacity etc. I was told that the overall interest rate of the loan is 2% per month for a total of 24% per year. I was never told that the "optional"... Read more

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I have hand a loan with this company for over a year they charge 1 month for balance and the other month for int and principal and it seemed like the balance never was going down so when i confronted the manager about it it became a problem they acted like the printer was broken and couldn't print out a receipt i will never fo business with this company again

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I fell behind on bills and had trouble saving up to get my car fixed when this fell into the mail I was (at that point) desperate for money, so I went ahead and took the check to the bank. It was deposited and 200$ went through straight away. So I used 100$ of it to pay off one bill and just let the rest sit until the whole check would go through, now 2 days later I am negative 100$ because it was a bad check and bounced. Luckily I can just pay... Read more

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Yesterday, I received a mailing from Mariner Financial, Nottingham, MD, together with what they say is a "real" check written out to me with a substantial dollar amount. Investigating further I discovered this is really an application for a loan with an APR of 36%!!! Further investigation with the Better Business Bureau revealed there were 125 complaints lodged against this company and when I discovered this web site and read the comments that... Read more

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I applied for a auto loan about a month and a half and the office where i applied the people act they have never processed an auto loan before i cant get a straight answer yes or no thats all i want is a straight answer! but instead they send me to car lot to car lot, then lie to say they never got the buyers order iam so discussed with MARINER FINANCE!

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Had a loan with them my dad got sick I'm Started paying his bills and my bills and fell behind they put I'm a wage garnishment and froze my bank account I was told on a Monday that if I paid the loan to current which was 458 dollars I could get the freeze removed and to get the bank to fax an asset sheet I was doing both only to be told by the same rep that I had to pay the loan in full to get the freeze off my issue is you tell me one thing... Read more

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I currently have a loan with Mariner Finance Virginia Beach location. They are the worst customer ser ice representatives ever. I fell behind on payments after my significant other passed. They really dont care. Instead I received threats they are not willing to work with me on making my account current. I really wish I didnt have this loan with these horrible people. Im fighting my way back with all my bills and rent, but they clearly want to... Read more

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I have never experienced such horrible quality of customer services. I am working with representatives from the Pikesville, MD location. They do not handle business well at all. They advise you to leave a voicemail and a representative will give you a call back. NEVER received a call back and they accrued late fees after I attempted to call them. They informed me that I cannot have a 1st time courtesy late fee waived because they called me 2... Read more

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Mariner Finance is not a good loan place the People are rude that work for mariner and they do act like they don't want to Work with anyone. I would not recommend anyone to go there to get a loan. I have one of the biggest accounts with Mariner Finance and I wish they would leave our southern little town.

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