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    • Easy to get loan to suck you in 2
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    • Poor customer service 8
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No major problems here in Albany, NY Mariner Finance was wonderful and easily gave me two loans, using my cars as collateral, the last one will be paid off over the next two months.Yes, the interest is high, but to be expectedcwith poor credit. My issue now is that I really need another loan as I got into serious debt helping a family member with medical expenses, putting me behind with monthly credit card payments. I wanted so badly to get back... Read more

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Not sure if this is the correct site or not, but here goes. We want to say the Hagerstown, Md office employees and Manager Glenn He makes us feel important, and not upset having to borrow money. He is a asset to your Company. We had to get a new LAWN MOWER, and Glenn said we will help you, which he did, then we had Washer & dryer go out, but we hated to ask for more money in such a short time, and didn't. Anyways this office needs to be put on a... Read more

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I had the misfortune of asking for a loan from these people on a recent Friday afternoon. I received a call on Monday to go over things. I waited and waited and waited to hear from them for 3 days and they never contacted me. Finally I had to be the one to call which was a feat in and of itself because the number That they gave on the website didn't work. I ended up using a different number that was on my phone log from them. After talking... Read more

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Stay away. That is my advice. These people are difficult to deal with. I can't wait to get my loan paid off and never hear from them again. I have requested a statement a number of times and have been unable to get it. If payment is late, they will try and trick you to say that they will "work with you". They absolutely will not work with you. Customer Service is a zero.i have never dealt with such unprofessional people. Turnover rate must... Read more

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It's a Friday and the payment is due on Sunday. What to do? Too late to mail or call it in. Tried to pay on line but no such luck! I don't know what the problem is. I filled the form out correctly but I was denied access. Guess I'll be a day late. I suppose they will slap on a late charge. I am not looking forward to that call on Monday. I have worked really hard for my credit rating and I can't have a bad report on my credit rating. They keep... Read more

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Pace, Fl location has had many people bounce in and out. The rudeness and bullying approach is their worse way of being their for you when you need them. They bought out Sunbelt's loans and mislead you to believe that your previous loan was wrong. High paid rude people

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I've had several loans with them even when they was Sunbelt Credit and they never attached a lien to my car loan. I recently purchased a new car from my job to have reliable transportation to and from work and to see my son. I also traded my old vehicle in because of transmission problems and I needed Mariners Finance to temporarily release the lien to do a collateral swap and they refused to help me out and do so. Now I'm back in my old car... Read more

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Lied to when opened loan. Told had to get the road side coverage they have to get the loan. Not reporting correctly to credit report. Shows ballance increase instead of decrease but never been late never missed payment. Opened loan april but august hit with a new inquiry on credit report ftom them score keeps dropping because of it. Talk to main branch local brsnch and superviser to local brsnch. Say it will be fixed still not fixed.Any class... Read more

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Yes having problem with vestal new york. Ryan is breaking the one time check thing and taking money out of accout without consent and has a bad personality to work with the public would like someone to contact me

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Wow. I wish I would have read these complaints before I decided to apply for a small loan with this company. All I have to say is the WEST SENECA, NY office is pathetic, unprofessional and straight up RUDE. I applied online and then received a phone call for more questions. I got stuck talking to the coldest you-now-what (of course!) as whoever called me was "busy". After a tense convo of a bunch of irrelevant questions, I was told I would... Read more

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