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My autistic son was diagnoses with hodgkins lymphoma stage 4 and i fell behind on payments to pay some out of pocket expenses for his care. Im still in the process of catching up on my missed payments and juggling medical bills at the same time.

I am harrassed on a daily basis for being half late on the bill. 3 to 4 times per day. Unfortunately things do happen, which they fail to understand. And after i told them my son had cancer, their tone changed for just that day.

After that, the rude messages started coming from Terry the manager. She acts like she lent me money out of her own pocket! This company or branch or both is terrible! They threatened my wife and i with legal action after i told them my son had cancer!

Wtf! Really and seriously?!?!?! Do NOT do business here!!!!

Wanna be bank and is the WORST! My son comes first sorry Terry.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mariner Finance Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Mariner Finance Verified Representative

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Our goal each day is to provide Superior Customer Service.

We have received your comment and our Customer Relations department has shared your concerns with our management team to identify areas of improvement.

We appreciate your business and look forward to our continued relationship. In the event you would like to discuss your concerns in more detail, please contact our Customer Relations Department directly at 844-338-2080.


I am so sorry you are in this situation. Unfortunately people who have it so called good and have never been in this situation are not empathetic or compassionate.

Just to let you know you don't have to take any harassing or threatening phone calls from them. go online and research how to stop them. There are you tube videos also it is against the law. I would not post your total situation online because there are people who are mean and crazy and they attack people looking for advice and compassion.

My model if you don't have anything good to say or if you can't help the person, your rude, ignorant comments don't help the situation. There are options, just not in this backwards state.

Unfortunately this company just from speaking to them are a little off. I am about to report them for some of their shady, discriminating practices. I am a customer with their upstate ny office and have never dealt with such total incompetence.

Look into the government agencies such as Department of Social Service and see if they can refer you to someone. I am from upstate new york, as they have a way better structure then this "PATHETIC" state. There is no structure for the poor, lower working class in North Carolina. There are many people working struggling here.

A lot of homeless people. Considering all the money this state is pulling in from ripping off people with their ridiculous laws and fees you think there would be a better system to help people. Also go online and research agencies to help you. Don't hold your breath though.

You can also go outside this state and research. Talk to your doctors, office management and see if they have any advice or references.


Horrible, horrible company. Rude, nasty people.

They lie about calls you have had with them. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!


None of the excuses matter. That's a cold hard fact of life!

Borrowers sign a contract in which they promise to make on time payments. This isn't a suggestion, desire or optional. It's required...just like your boss pays on payday. Lenders are NOT charities.

They are not here to help anybody. You borrow their money...they expect you to pay it back exactly as you agreed to.

to Anonymous #1419624

You are absolutely right but also very cold hearted nice to know people like you still exist. Hope none of your children suffer terribly like mine. Have a great life.

to Anonymous #1420069

Your company is a bad one and employees even worse.


Mariner Finance is the worst, I lost my job and was out of work for three months, and I am still trying to get caught up from the lost income. Even though I was struggling to pay them and my other bills, they continued to harass me and here recently they told me I was out of time, and they were taking my to court.

I despise people whom use illegal tactics to try to gain money from you, because right after that the manager Jamal told me, if I paid what I was behind on he would make all this go away.

He said that like he was bribing me. Terrible company, I don't recommend anybody do business here.

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